From a few days of feeling like early spring to the winter storm the local weather called predicted this past weekend, January’s weather has been a roller coaster ride for Lake Tillery this year. The local weather channel predicted the Lake Tillery area would have around one to three inches of snow. Well…we never saw any! TheĀ  previous week it was unusually warm and there were many boats out taking afternoon cruises on Lake Tillery. So, who’s to say if we will have either an early spring or six more weeks of winter?

On the other hand, for those who may see this during the winter months, have you ever wondered why there are hundreds of seagulls sitting out in the water on the Lake Tillery main channel? So have we! The beach birds everyone always sees during the summer seem to migrate to Lake Tillery every fall and stay until it gets warm again. While they are here these mysterious little birds sit in the water huddled together making it seem like there is a big white stop in the water. It is truly a site to see! To find out why these birds migrate here to Lake Tillery come back next week and we will reveal the answer.

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