Summer is coming to Lake Tillery!

Summer is just around the corner! The past few weekends we have seen a warmup out here on Lake Tillery. As it warms up more boaters are starting to venture out, whether its water sports enthusiasts or pontoon cruising. With more boaters out on the lake for the summer the process of looking for a … [Read more...]

Curb Appeal for Your Lake Tillery Property

In the last several weeks the weather on Lake Tillery has been like a roller coaster. We have had some warm days bringing out the best of spring and we have had the more unseasonably cooler days. These warmer spring days have brought much unwanted pollen and allergies. Also, in the midst of all … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Spring on Lake Tillery

With the beginning of a new month comes changes. It's March so we can all be looking forward to great weather changes on Lake Tillery! In the coming weeks, with the warmer days we will start seeing the new blooms of flowers, trees, and grass. So, it's a great idea to start landscaping your Lake … [Read more...]

Lake Tillery Real Estate Update

In the past two weeks on Lake Tillery we have seen some slightly warmer days and then more cold weather like that of Saturday, February 16th. We got to see snow on Lake Tillery early in the afternoon and evening! Unfortunately it didn't last but Norwood, NC did get a good amount of snow that … [Read more...]

An Early Spring on Lake Tillery

As February has rolled in we all await Groundhog Day to see if we can anticipate six more weeks of winter or the arrival of an early spring. Since the tradition began, the groundhog has only predicted an early Spring 19 times and six more weeks of winter 99 times. This past Saturday on February 2nd, … [Read more...]

Lake Tillery Winter

From no snow last week to a slight ice storm on Friday, Lake Tillery has certainly seen its share of winter in the past two weeks. Although there wasn't too much ice it was still enough for some of us to slip and slide on the roads, reminding us all to use caution when driving! But, Friday morning … [Read more...]

Lake Tillery Weather

From a few days of feeling like early spring to the winter storm the local weather called predicted this past weekend, January's weather has been a roller coaster ride for Lake Tillery this year. The local weather channel predicted the Lake Tillery area would have around one to three inches of snow. … [Read more...]

Buying and Selling your Lake Tillery Property

It's that time of year where everyone is taking down holiday and winter decorations getting ready for a great start on a new year. Are you getting ready to buy or sell a home on Lake Tillery? Now is the best time to get started! For anyone trying to sell it's a great idea to continue the upkeep of … [Read more...]

Lake Tillery Restaurants

The docks at Tillery Tradition Country Club are complete. You can now park your boat at the dock and Tillery Tradition Eagle's Nest Dining will pick you up for lunch or dinner.  Twin Harbor Cafe also offers the same service. Twin Harbor serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  See below for contact … [Read more...]

Lake Tillery Real Estate Update

There have been 13 Lake Tillery water-front homes closed since January 1st of this year to date with a sales price ranging from 200k to 850k. Three of those Lake Tillery homes were over 500k and a Lake Tillery home in Swift Island closed at over one million! We have also had 5 Lake Tillery water … [Read more...]