Summer is just around the corner! The past few weekends we have seen a warmup out here on Lake Tillery. As it warms up more boaters are starting to venture out, whether its water sports enthusiasts or pontoon cruising.

With more boaters out on the lake for the summer the process of looking for a Lake Tillery home increases dramatically.  This is the perfect opportunity to give your dock a little TLC. Staining your decking and simply placing some new ferns on your dock, a long with one of my “For Sale Signs” will draw the attention of a passing boater. This is where most of the buyers start their Lake Tillery home search. Taking a boat ride with a group of friends and searching for that dream home. Outdoor living area and “Lake Appeal” is where it all starts.

For more information on how to get started with selling your property or looking for the next potential buy call “The Real Lake Pro” Brian Beachum at (704)-796-0158.

Upcoming Lake Tillery Event:

Beach Bum Ski & Surf Shop’s 5th annual Poker Run is set for June 15!!! Come out and enjoy a day on the Lake with friends and family cruising around the lake on a boat and playing a hand of poker at the same time. Hands are $20.00 and the proceeds go to the Masonic Home for Children. 1/3 of the pot goes to the best hand, 1/3 the worst hand, and the remaining to the charity. There will be drawings all day and the David Michael Band will start playing at 5pm. Don’t miss out on all the fun. The best hand took home over $700.00 last year!!