As February has rolled in we all await Groundhog Day to see if we can anticipate six more weeks of winter or the arrival of an early spring. Since the tradition began, the groundhog has only predicted an early Spring 19 times and six more weeks of winter 99 times. This past Saturday on February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow! This means an early spring for us. This is great news for everyone that is ready for the winter weather to move out and for the beautiful and vibrant colors of Spring on Lake Tillery.

Also, here in the last two weeks, we have noticed that there is a water color change on Lake Tillery to a muddy red/brown color. Why is this change happening? Due to upstream changes and the heavy rain and winds we have had lately, the water has been churned as it works its way further south down Lake Tillery. Luckily, within the next few weeks our pristine lake will be back to its normal color. And, with the early prediction of warmer weather on its way we should soon be seeing the first signs of Spring on Lake Tillery!

Lake Tillery Real Estate News

Since January 1st there have been three beautiful Lake Tillery waterfront homes go under contract as well as continuously increasing activity on Lake Tillery waterfront lots as well. Interest rates are still at a record low as the market is turning upward. So, this is a great time to purchase your dream home on Lake Tillery! There is something new every week on Lake Tillery and the blog is a good way of keeping everyone updated so stay tuned for the latest updates.

Remember for anyone buying/selling your Lake Tillery property to contact “The Real Lake Pro” Brian Beachum for more information at (704)-796-0158.